Ibiza Hikes is an idea that visiting Ibiza can actually be an experience that makes you leave the island feeling better than when you arrived.

It is the idea that if you respect the island and challenge it, the island will actually give back. You can walk around and see but you can also hike, sweat and give in to its beauty.
Ibiza Hikes therefore aims to give you a challenging hike, break down resistance and let the beauty get into you. We are about guiding you into a raw and pure experience that is physically and mentally positive. We are not about caviar and champagne but we guarantee you´ll be taken care of in a proper way that adds to  the experience. When you are on a hike of Ibiza Hikes you will be accompanied by experienced passionate hikers who have been on places such as the Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Damavand, Jebel Toubkal, Iztaccihuatl, Illiniza and many other mountains all over the globe. We serve meals from Tactical Food Packs, fruit, chocolate and water. Evenings there is possibly a beer and a glass of wine for a good night sleep. During the hikes, we have a no smoking policy out of respect for nature and our selfs.

We hike in groups varying from 4 to 12 people. On request, private hikes and custom Hikes are also possible. Hikes vary from one day to 9-days around Ibiza island.

We hike and like!

Languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Others

Ibizhikes rules:

We do not want to be a club of rules and regulations, but for our own safety, we have some which are necessary to keep us safe while on the hills and help better organize our day.
Arrive 15 minutes before hike or activity (to sign in and receive any updated information). Sign in, disclaimer, and emergency contact information must be on file for each participant
All hikes and activities will start on time. No alcohol and smoking on hikes or during recreation activities. No earbuds or headphones while hiking or during recreation activities.
Cell phones must be turned off while hiking or during recreational activities (with the exception of emergencies or taking photos).
The Hike Leader will set the pace of the hike and you must follow his/her instructions for the safety of the group. Try not hike ahead of the hike leader (we know its difficult ? ) as you may unintentionally increase the pace of the group or go off in a different direction.
In exceptional circumstances, if you decide to leave the hike you must let the Hike Leader know. At that point, you become responsible for your own navigation. And don’t worry we won’t say ‘we told you so’ if you then get lost.

You must comply with wearing proper hiking or sports shoes/boots and walking gear before you begin your hike. There are no exceptions to this rule.
You will be hiking as part of a group so for safety you may not leave the group until completion of the hike. Anyway, we would miss you if you did.
If you sign in for a hike and cannot turn up then please text us at (+372) 56482161 so that we are not waiting for you. No need to let us know why, (it’s not school) but hopefully its because you have a better day planned, met someone the night before or just wish to sleep in.
Hiking, walking, climbing or scrambling on the mountains can be hazardous and you participate in full awareness of such risks to your own safety and life.
You must be over 18 years of age to come along on any club hike. It doesn’t matter if you feel young at heart once you are 18 and over.
You will be responsible for determining that your own health is satisfactory to participate in any club hike or event. Your G.P. will advise you if you are unsure.
Only well-trained dogs can hike with us and its 100% owners responsibility to take care that dog is not barrow other hikers and the dog is on the leach if neceséry.
If you are new, then at the meeting point please let your Hike Leader know you have arrived and who you are.
All litter must be taken home with you. We follow the country code and the principle of leaving no trace and also its only right to do so.
Each person will be responsible for their own safety during a hike. Let your Hike Leader know if you suffer from any medical condition which may need their assistance during a walk. If they cannot assist you then do not hike, and clarify this before you hike.

Enjoy your hike and make new friends but don’t stalk them. Overall we try to adopt a pragmatic and light-hearted approach to our rules but please note we do take safety seriously and expect you to do likewise.

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Ibizahikes is a hiking club and does not set up or sell a package tours. Participation fee covers organizational expenses. We are open 24/7 and hike with any weather!

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